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Dear Friends and Colleagues,
Greetings from the AFSLAB Sym 2018, Iran!
As part of its worldwide microbiome series, it is our great honor to inform that the 6th Asian Federation of Societies for Lactic Acid Bacteria International Symposium (AFSLAB Sym 2018) will be held in Tehran, 5-7 May
Asian Federation of Societies for Lactic Acid Bacteria (AFSLAB) is a rapidly developing and one of the most attractive scientific societies in Asia and has held the international conference/symposium every year since 2002. It has been engaged by 10 regional member societies. With those supports and participations, AFSLAB has become one of the most important international Lactic Acid Bacteria societies in the world.
This Federation focused on enhancement of the communication and interaction between Asian scientific and industrial area, who are interested in LAB and related subjects such as the promotion of the advances in  science and technology applied to LAB and increase of the awareness in the knowledge of LAB in food, health and diseases, leading to the improvement of the quality of life.
Iranian Society of probiotic and functional food (ISPFF):
Iranian society of probiotic and functional food, was founded at 2010 aimed to:
  • Increase awareness and understanding of probiotics and functional foods in general levels, professionals and artisans
  • Provide the necessary facilities for the local production of probiotics and functional foods in the country.
  • Collaborate with relevant organizations to improve quality control and standardization of functional food
  • Investigate the status of probiotics and functional foods in the country.
  • Establish association with Probiotic Technology
  • Launch projects in the field of probiotics and functional foods
  • Establish national and international networks in the field of probiotics and functional foods and improve International Communication
Last Year’s National Probiotic Conference in Iran attracted over 350 participate from academic, investment leaders and industry to discuss the probiotics in health and disease; commercial challenges and opportunities; and potential partnerships and collaborations. Therefore, it is our honor to be authorized by AFSLAB to organize the 6th Asian Federation of Societies for Lactic Acid Bacteria International Symposium 2018 in Tehran. The conference is aimed to make a platform to introduce latest outcomes of research and developments in order to exchange experiences and stimulate further interactions. Moreover, we aimed to promote the public awareness about probiotic and potential of functional food to increase health and quality of life.
In this event, you can engage in expert-led roundtable discussions; analyze the newest biotech and start-ups worth of investment, network to a broaden business connections within the field.
This Global engage series is rapidly gaining a fantastic reputation as the number one microbiome and probiotics networking event and if looking to learn more from the top scientists in this space, showcase exciting developments in your research, or seek partnerships and funding within the industry, it is a congress not to be missed.
AFSALB Sym 2018 is going to provide a great opportunity for all the LAB scientists, investors and industry to stimulate and exchange the most state of the art news about LAB research and outcomes.
We sincerely welcoming you to attend the symposium and take advantage of this special occasion and enjoy the beauty of Iran and the great hospitality of Iranian as one of the oldest civilizations in the world.

Yours Sincerely,
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Maryam Tajabadi Ebrahimi                                                   Seyed Abbas Shojaosadati                                           Amir Mohammad Mortazavian
Chairman, AFSLAB Sym 2018                                               Scientific Secretary, AFSLAB sym 2018                           Scientific Secretary, AFSLAB sym 2018
President, ISPFF                                                                 Member of the board, ISPFF                                         Member of the board, ISPFF
Associated Prof, Central Tehran Branch, Azad University,Iran    Prof., Tarbiat Modarres University, Tehran, Iran             Associated Prof, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran

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